First of all, drain cleaning isn’t as simple as most people think. People will try to clear blockages or roots using harmful chemicals or snakes. These chemicals, when used repetitively, build up on top of a clog and corrode the pipe itself. Another issue is the improper mixing of chemicals that can create toxic fumes. Also, chemicals can also be dangerous if improperly stored in the home. Finally, it can burn skin and irritate the eyes or lungs.

Dangers of Drain Cleaning Yourself

Improper use of plumbing snakes or augers for drain cleaning and clearing can be frustrating or even damaging. Repeatedly forcing a snake into a pipe without a proper understanding of a drain system will cause damage to your pipes. Corrosion or leaks can occur when a pipe is damaged.

Improper use of snakes or augers causes damage to piping. Due to the different types of clogs, there are many types of snakes and augers. Some snakes are made to pull the clog out of your drain. Others are made to push the blockage all the way through. Some are high pressure jetting systems and others are simple twist-and-pull lines. For the reason of possibly damaging your lines, avoid trying to snake your own drain. Don’t damage your pipe because you want to save money. In the long run, this will cost you more and cause you stress. Trust us to clear out your pipes in a safe and effective manner.

  • Cable Line Pipe Clearing, Starting at $150 – Remove roots and other blockages from your pipes to improve flow efficiency. This is your first line of defense for blocked drains.
  • High-Pressure Jetting, Starting at $225 – We blast high-pressure water through your lines which efficiently cleans your pipes, removing sludge and other debris that typical cable-machines can’t remove.
  • Sewer Camera Inspection, Starting at $175 – When you have problems with your pipes, we can do targeted repairs with our live video sewer inspection cameras. This allows us to makes spot repairs, which minimizes cost while retaining quality. You can view the video yourself with any smartphone or tablet.


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