WaterlineServing Central PA

Lech Brothers Construction Corp. Specializes in Residential and Commercial Sewer and Waterline installations and repair.

We are licensed with over 20 Municipalities throughout Central PA (including Harrisburg, Hershey, and Lebanon) which ensures that you can trust us to get the job done for any of your sewer or waterline needs.

Saving You Money Through Greater Efficiency

We have learned over the years that we can save the customer money by completing sewer and waterline projects without the use of sub-contractors.

Many times Plumbers will hire an excavation company and then hire a Septic hauler to pump out the tank but the involvement of three separate companies will raise the cost of the project. Our goal is to leave you satisfied while also saving you money. We have the excavating equipment, and Plumbers to install the sewer pipe or waterlines. You won’t have to go through multiple companies to get the job done, which will result in saving you, the customer, money.

Experienced Waterline & Sewer Professionals

Over the years we have completed many repairs and installs. Our experience consists of installing Approx. 150-200 Sewer Laterals, Water Lines, and Grinder Pumps per year. This vast experience should leave you with peace of mind knowing that we know what we are doing and will get the job done with your satisfaction.

Visit our Contact Us page for any questions or comments you may have and see our pricing below.

We Offer

  • Sewer Line Installation and Sewer Line Repair- $500 – $6000 *
  • Water Line Installation and Water Line Repair – $500 – $3000 *
  • Grinder Pumps Installation and Repair – $2500 – $5000 *
  • Cleaning of blocked Sewer Lines – $175 – $350 *

* Most projects fall within the price above, but some project can exceed the listed price range.