Our Plumbers in Harrisburg PA

Lech Brothers certified plumbers in Harrisburg PA do all types of residential plumbing services. Our areas extend throughout central Pennsylvania. We have a variety of methods that we’ve developed to make our plumbing services higher quality and affordable for you.

Hot water heaters have a life expectancy of 8-12 years. This can vary depending on multiple things. For example the location, unit design, installation, maintenance, and water quality affect the lifespan. Also, Leaks can occur or the unit may function erratically before, during or after this life span.

Over time the plumbing in your house can deteriorate for a variety of reasons. Water lines can burst or crack over time. Some of these reasons are because of age or weather. As a result these broken water lines can cause damage to your home. Sewer lines can break, crack, become offset, or even collapse. Some of the reasons this happens can be soil, roots or frozen ground shifts or settles. In addition, blockage and corrosion can also occur causing damage to sewer or water lines.

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Toilet replacement can be frustrating and messy if done by yourself. You may buy a toilet that doesn’t even fit the space of your old toilet. Faucet replacements can also be frustrating if you aren’t familiar with plumbing. From buying the faucet to knowing proper installation methods, for these reasons replacing your faucet can be a real hassle. Our plumbers in Harrisburg PA

Toilet wax rings can deteriorate and cause leakage. Replacing toilet rings can be messy but also risky if you don’t know what you are doing. It is important to note that Improper handling of a toilet ring can crack and ruin your toilet! To make your life easier call us for plumbing services.

It is necessary to select well pumps with caution and care. This is because sizing and location are very specific. Discharge pressure and capacity must be calculated correctly so the well can work. Lech Brothers will do it professionally and quickly.

 Sometimes doing a plumbing project yourself just isn’t possible. Let us take care of your plumbing needs. Save yourself the stress and possibility of making a mess. Or even worse, breaking something and causing more expense. Visit our Contact Us page for any questions or comments you may have.


Plumbing Service Include:

  • Water Heater Replacements (including water heater) Starting at $885
  • Interior Water Line Repair Starting at $125
  • Sewer Line Repair Starting at $130
  • Toilet Replacement (Including Toilet) Starting at $225
  • Faucet replacement (including faucet) Starting at $100
  • Well pumps Starting at $750
  • Toilet Wax Ring Replacement Starting at $125